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We are located in Santa Ana, California at 1211 Ritchey Street in Orange County just minutes away from John Wayne Airport, the 55 freeway, and all major thoroughfares in the Southern California area. 

   Founded in 1981 by James M. Curley, we adhere to his philosophy by putting our customers first. Jim Curley's motto was "Think service, think Curley," and it's something that we continue to stand behind today.

   At Curley Wholesale Electric, we take pride in providing the best customer service. Whether it's providing assistance during a late-night breakdown, assembling a couple feet of cable or providing solutions for your energy and lighting needs; we want to be the company you put your trust in. We are an authorized distributor for a variety of lines, and we have a large inventory of stock available on hand. 

   We employ a sales staff with years of experience; we provide free delivery on all orders in the Southern California area; and for those of you out of state, check out our online store.  Give us a call or send us an email and we guarantee to give you great service honest answers and a welcoming attitude.  

"Think service, think Curley"


Phone: (714) 258-7000





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