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The Siemens MT0350A is a 350 VA industrial control transformer designed for effective power management and voltage regulation in a range of industrial applications. Here's an overview of its key features and specifications:


  • Voltage Capacity: With a 350 VA (Volt-Ampere) rating, this transformer is equipped to handle a substantial power load, suitable for various industrial devices and systems.

  • Primary Voltage: The transformer features a configurable primary voltage, allowing it to adapt to different power sources typically found in industrial settings.

  • Secondary Voltage: It delivers a stable and regulated secondary voltage output, ensuring reliable power supply to connected devices.

  • Efficiency: Designed for high efficiency, the MT0350A minimizes energy loss during the voltage conversion process, which is essential for cost-effective and eco-friendly operations.

  • Build Quality: The transformer is housed in a sturdy enclosure, often made of industrial-grade materials like steel, to withstand the rigors of industrial environments.

  • Cooling System: It employs effective cooling methods, such as air cooling, to maintain optimal performance by preventing overheating.

  • Mounting Options: The MT0350A offers versatile mounting solutions, including options for wall or panel mounting, facilitating easy integration into various industrial setups.

  • Safety Mechanisms: It is equipped with safety features like overvoltage protection and short-circuit prevention, ensuring a safe and stable operation.

  • Compliance with Standards: The transformer meets the necessary industry standards and holds certifications that attest to its safety and quality.

  • Industrial Applications: This transformer is ideal for use in control panels, manufacturing equipment, and other industrial applications where consistent and reliable voltage is crucial.


Overall, the Siemens MT0350A is a dependable and efficient solution for industrial environments requiring precise voltage control for their electrical systems and machinery. Its robust design and flexible installation options make it a versatile choice for a wide range of industrial applications.

Siemens MT0350A (350 VA)

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