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Eaton Ultra Grip Plug

  • #18 - #12 AWG
  • 15A
  • 5-15P
  • Two-pole, Three-wire 
  • 125 Vac


Discover the unparalleled durability and functionality with the Eaton Ultra Grip Plug, expertly crafted for a secure and dependable connection. This plug, boasting compatibility with #18 to #12 AWG wire sizes, is specifically designed to cater to a wide range of wiring needs. Featuring a robust 15A amperage rating, it efficiently handles everyday electrical demands with ease.


The 5-15P plug configuration ensures compatibility with standard North American outlets, making it a versatile choice for a variety of applications. Its two-pole, three-wire design offers a safe and reliable connection, ensuring your equipment operates smoothly and efficiently.


What sets the Eaton Ultra Grip Plug apart is its commitment to safety and ease of use. The plug is constructed with high-quality materials, offering both longevity and reliability. Its unique Ultra Grip design provides a firm grasp, ensuring easy insertion and removal from outlets, reducing wear and tear, and increasing the lifespan of the plug.


Ideal for both residential and commercial settings, this plug is a perfect fit for appliances, power tools, lighting, and other electrical devices. Whether you're setting up a home office, managing a workshop, or ensuring the smooth operation of your commercial equipment, the Eaton Ultra Grip Plug offers the reliability and performance you need.

Eaton AH5266

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