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Siemens Tranformer


The Siemens MT0050A is a compact and efficient control transformer, specifically designed for industrial applications requiring a 50 VA (Volt-Ampere) power capacity. Here's a detailed product description:


Power Capacity: 50 VA, indicating the transformer's ability to handle a modest amount of power, suitable for low-power applications.

Primary Voltage: Features a flexible primary voltage configuration, adaptable to various industrial power supply standards.

Secondary Voltage: Provides a stable and precise secondary voltage output, essential for the reliable operation of sensitive industrial controls and equipment.

Construction: Encased in a sturdy, industrial-grade housing, typically made from durable materials like steel or heavy-duty plastic, to withstand challenging industrial environments.

Efficiency: Designed for high efficiency, minimizing energy loss during the conversion process, which is crucial for cost-effective and sustainable operation.

Cooling System: Utilizes an effective cooling system, possibly through natural convection, to maintain an optimal operating temperature and ensure longevity.

Mounting Flexibility: Offers versatile mounting options, such as on-panel or wall mounting, facilitating easy integration into various industrial setups.

Safety Features: Equipped with safety measures like overvoltage protection and short-circuit prevention, enhancing operational safety and equipment protection.

Compliance and Standards: Adheres to relevant industry standards and holds necessary certifications, ensuring reliability, safety, and quality.

Applications: Ideal for a range of low-power industrial applications, including control panels, signaling devices, and small machinery, where precise voltage control is paramount.


The Siemens MT0050A is an excellent choice for industries and applications where a small, reliable, and efficient power source is required for control and operational stability. Its design and features make it a versatile and essential component in various industrial settings.

Seimens MT0050A (50 VA)

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