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Siemens 52PM8A4A (amber)Heavy Duty Pushbutton Unit 

  • Water and Oil Tight
  • Assembled Contact Block
  • 30mm
  • Flush Cap
  • Green
  • 1 NO + 1 NC Contact Type


The Siemens Heavy Duty Pushbutton Unit is a robust and versatile control device engineered for demanding industrial applications. Here's a comprehensive breakdown of its specifications:

  • Water and Oil Tight: Designed to withstand exposure to water and oil, this pushbutton unit maintains its functionality and integrity even in harsh environmental conditions. Its resistance to moisture and oil ensures reliable operation, making it suitable for environments where these elements are present.

  • Assembled Contact Block: Equipped with an assembled contact block, this unit simplifies installation by integrating the contact elements within the pushbutton assembly. This feature streamlines the setup process and ensures proper functioning of the contacts for electrical circuit control.

  • 30mm Size: With a 30mm size, this pushbutton unit adheres to a standard size commonly used in industrial control panels. The standardized size facilitates compatibility and integration within existing control systems and panels.

  • Flush Cap: Featuring a flush cap design, this pushbutton unit maintains a sleek and low-profile appearance when installed. The flush cap design also helps prevent accidental activation, making it suitable for applications where unintentional pressing of the button needs to be minimized.

  • Green Color: Finished in green, this pushbutton unit provides visual differentiation or indication. Different colors in industrial settings often represent specific functions, statuses, or actions, aiding operators in identifying and selecting the appropriate controls.

  • 1 NO + 1 NC Contact Type: This unit includes one normally open (1 NO) and one normally closed (1 NC) contact type. These contacts enable the pushbutton to control electrical circuits based on its activation, allowing for diverse applications and circuit configurations.

The Siemens Heavy Duty Pushbutton Unit combines durability, reliability, and functionality tailored for industrial environments. Its water and oil-tight construction, integrated contact block, standardized size, flush cap design, and versatile contact types make it a suitable choice for precise and reliable control in industrial machinery, equipment, or control panels.

Heavy Duty Pushbutton Unit

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