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Siemens 52SA2BDB (3 position spring return) Heavy Duty Selector Switch Unit

  • Water and Oil Tight 
  • 3 Positions
  • Short Lever
  • Maintained Operation
  • C Cam
  • 1NO + 1NC Contact Blocks


The Siemens 52SA2BDB Heavy Duty Selector Switch Unit is a robust and versatile control device crafted for demanding industrial environments. Here's a detailed breakdown of its features:

  • Water and Oil Tight: Engineered to resist the ingress of water and oil, this selector switch unit ensures operational reliability even in harsh environmental conditions where moisture or oil exposure is a concern. Its construction is designed to maintain functionality and integrity in challenging settings.

  • 3 Positions: Equipped with three switch positions, this unit offers multiple operational states or selections. Users can choose between three distinct settings or modes, allowing flexibility in controlling various functions or equipment.

  • Short Lever: The short lever design facilitates easy operation while maintaining a compact form factor. This feature allows for convenient manual switching between positions without occupying excessive space, ideal for installations where space is limited.

  • Maintained Operation: With maintained operation functionality, this switch retains its position after being set, ensuring that the selected state remains stable until manually adjusted. This feature is particularly useful for scenarios where specific settings or modes need to be maintained without constant manual adjustments.

  • C Cam: The C Cam configuration of the switch mechanism determines its functionality and the sequence of positions it offers. C Cam setups often provide specific operational sequences or configurations within the available three positions, catering to diverse application needs.

  • Contact Blocks: This unit includes one normally open (1NO) and one normally closed (1NC) contact blocks. These contact blocks enable the switch to control or signal electrical circuits based on the selected switch position, accommodating various applications and circuit configurations.

The Siemens 52SA2BDB Heavy Duty Selector Switch Unit is engineered to deliver reliable and adaptable control functionality in industrial environments. Its sturdy build, water and oil-tight features, multiple positions, and maintained operation capability make it well-suited for applications requiring precise and durable switching in challenging operational conditions.

Selector Switch

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