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Wholesale Electrical Supply: Top Quality Products & Service

Running a small business shows me how key good electrical supplies are. My work's success hinges on top-notch quality and service. So, trusting Curley Wholesale Electric is my choice, a top player in selling electrical items.1

For nearly 30 years,1Curley Wholesale Electric has stood for top-notch service. They operate from a massive 25,000 sq. ft. warehouse and draw from over 50 years of team experience.1 Their expertise and free delivery in areas like PA, NJ, and DE* really support my business.

But what really wins me over is Curley’s knack for tailoring solutions and managing entire projects. Be it a big industrial venture or a smaller home project, they find the perfect gear, sort out deliveries, and make sure everything finishes in time and within the budget.1

Key Takeaways

  • Curley Wholesale Electric is a leader in the electrical distribution industry, providing high-quality products and comprehensive services.

  • The company has been in operation for almost 30 years and has a 25,000 sq. ft. warehouse housing a wide range of electrical products.

  • Curley Wholesale Electric's staff has over 50 years of combined electrical industry experience.

  • The company offers free delivery to parts of PA, NJ, and DE, and provides customized solutions and total project management services.

  • Curley Wholesale Electric specializes in product sourcing, delivery and warehousing, equipment modification and fabrication, systems start-up, and material management.

*Free delivery available in select areas.

Comprehensive Solutions for Your Electrical Needs

Curley Wholesale Electric knows every electrical project is different. That's why we offer customized solutions and total project management services. This ensures we meet your specific needs.2 With over 300 experts in Colorado and Wyoming and 40 years in the industry,2 we can handle any project.

From commercial to residential to industrial, we've got you covered.

Total Project Management Services

Our project management services include everything from product sourcing to material management.2 We handle delivery and warehousing, equipment modification and fabrication, and even systems start-up. Our aim is to make your project easier and make sure it's done on time and budget.

Customized Solutions across Various Industries

Working in commercial, energy, or any other sector? Curley Wholesale Electric has what you need.2 We provide tailor-made solutions for each project, thanks to our personalized, customer-centric approach.2 With us, your project is set for success.

Your One-Stop Shop for Electrical Supplies

Curley Wholesale Electric is the perfect place for all your electrical needs. It has a huge stock from top brands like Siemens, Schneider Electric, and Eaton. This means you can always get what you need, when you need it.34

Extensive Product Range from Leading Manufacturers

At Curley Wholesale Electric, you will find everything from Automation & PLC's to Tools & Measurement Equipment. It doesn't matter if your project is big or small, for home, industry, or business. You'll have access to the best electrical supplies to finish your project perfectly.4

Competitive Pricing and Exceptional Service

This store is known for its great prices and excellent service.4 You can even save money on surplus or clearance items. They make sure you always get great value for what you spend.4 And, the team is always ready to help. They want to see your projects succeed as much as you do.

Reliable and Efficient Wholesale Electrical Supply

Curley Wholesale Electric is dedicated to offering top-notch electrical supplies since 1981. Our team serves customers in California and across the nation. We rely on over two centuries of combined experience in the electrical field.5

Streamlined Ordering and Delivery Process

Timely delivery is crucial, and we've made our process fast and efficient. This ensures our clients get what they need when they need it. We offer a wide range of electrical essentials. This includes everything from wires and lighting to industrial controls and eco-friendly solutions.5

Real-Time Order Tracking and Notifications

We provide real-time updates on your orders. Our system sends out constant notifications. This lets you always know where your items are. And you can plan your work based on these updates. Our clients' happy comments about our service prove our commitment to excellent customer service.5

No matter the project - be it commercial, industrial, or residential - we've got you covered. Trust Curley Wholesale Electric for all your electrical supply needs.5 We are committed to quality and outstanding service. Our aim is to help your projects succeed.5

Committed to Safety and Sustainability

Curley Wholesale Electric puts safety and sustainability first. It offers a wide range of safety equipment. This includes personal protective equipment (PPE), sensors, and smoke detectors. These items protect customers and their workers.6

Comprehensive Safety Gear and Resources

The company does more than sell electrical supplies. It actively promotes safety in the industry. Curley Wholesale Electric has a large selection of safety equipment and resources. These are meant to keep workers safe on the job.7

Energy-Efficient and Renewable Solutions

Curley Wholesale Electric is also big on green solutions. It offers many energy-efficient and renewable products. Such as sensor-enabled controls, LED lighting, and solar items. These help customers be more green and save on costs.6

The commitment to safety and the environment is embedded in every part of Curley Wholesale Electric. It gives full solutions and personalized support. This helps customers handle their electrical projects with ease. They know they have a reliable partner who cares about their safety and the planet.7

Wholesale Electrical Supply

Curley Wholesale Electric is a top supplier of electrical goods. It serves industrial, commercial, and residential clients. It has over 200 local stores so customers get their supplies quickly. The company has a huge stock of over 100,000 different items and parts from top brands.

They aim to give top-level service. This includes free scheduled deliveries that save customers time. The store is always stocked with what you need. They train their sales team well to help you get the right product faster.

Curley offers round-the-clock emergency service and many options like custom wire cuts. They help manage projects and keep track of inventory. Plus, they offer great deals on surplus goods, helping you save money. Shopping on their website is easy since it's open all day.

Curley Wholesale Electric values building strong ties with customers. They back this up with personal, excellent service. They offer special help like automatic orders, direct price lists, and custom packaging to ease your shopping experience.

Industry Segment

Distribution Channels

Customer Base

Electrical Distributors-Indust/Res/Comm8

Includes distributors, supplies, tools, and repair services8

Addresses both industrial, residential, and commercial customers8

Product Quality

Service Quality

Market Reach

Focus on top-quality electrical products8

Emphasis on providing excellent service to customers8

Targets a wide range of consumers in the electrical supply industry8

Business Scope

Competitive Landscape

Supply Chain

Covers a diverse range of electrical products and services for varied customer needs8

Faces competition from other wholesale electrical supply companies8

Likely involves sourcing products from manufacturers and distributing them to end-users8

Technological Integration

Likely incorporates technology for inventory management and customer service purposes8

Curley Wholesale Electric is known for its broad selection and top service. The company is respected across the electrical supply field. It meets the needs of all types of customers. If you need electrical supplies from a reliable source, think of Curley Wholesale Electric first.


Curley Wholesale Electric leads the way in the electrical distribution field. It offers the finest products and solutions. Plus, it gives excellent service to all its customers.9

The company has a huge variety of electrical supplies. And it cuts costs for customers by buying in bulk. This makes Curley Wholesale Electric the best choice for top-notch and efficient wholesale electrical supply.9

Curley Wholesale Electric is dedicated to safety, being green, and making customers happy. It ensures that what you buy is of the best quality. And it meets all the required standards.9

Their online store and quick delivery avoid delays in your projects. This makes them a great partner for any project, small or big.9

Are you tackling a project that needs knowledge of the wholesale electricity scene? Or maybe you just need to refill on supplies? Curley Wholesale Electric is ready to assist.10

Their focus is on giving you top quality, being efficient, and keeping it green. They are your ultimate destination for all things electric.10


What services does Curley Wholesale Electric offer?

Curley Wholesale Electric handles the full management of projects. This includes finding products, delivering them, and storing them. They tweak and make equipment, start systems, and keep materials in check. They tailor their services to fit the special needs of customers in different fields.

What types of electrical supplies does Curley Wholesale Electric offer?

This company provides a wide selection of electrical supplies from top brands. Their large stock and close ties with these brands mean customers can get the items they want, right when they need them.

How does Curley Wholesale Electric ensure reliable and efficient wholesale electrical supply?

They have an efficient system for ordering and delivering. This makes sure customers get their materials on time and in full. They also give live updates on orders and deliveries. This keeps customers in the loop every step of the way.

How does Curley Wholesale Electric promote safety and sustainability?

They offer a wide choice of safety wear and tools. This includes PPE and building safety devices such as sensors and smoke alarms. They also have energy-saving and green options. For example, they sell controls that use sensors, circadian-aware and antimicrobial lights, and products like LED and solar. This makes it easier for customers to be environmentally friendly and cut costs.

What makes Curley Wholesale Electric a leading supplier of electrical products and services?

Known as a top name in the electrical supply business, Curley Wholesale Electric stands out. They provide high-quality products, complete solutions, and amazing service. They focus on safety, the environment, and making sure customers are happy. This makes them the best choice for getting wholesale electrical items.

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